Grange Hotel Wedding

My First Grange Hotel Wedding

My First Wedding at the Grange Hotel, and what a wedding it was. I’m lucky to not live far from some awesome wedding venues. Which are all totally different, from Grand hotels Like the Grange Hotel to rustic laid back barn weddings like Wyresdale Park.  The Grange is definitely up there as one of the nice show stopping welcoming wedding venues. Vanessa and Nigel had their wedding breakfast here for their May wedding. They were lucky enough that the weather was nice and their guests were able to use the lovely terrace lawned area in front of the hotel, it had a lovely afternoon tea feel to it.

My Favourite bit

My Favourite part of Vanessa and Nigel’s Wedding Day has to be when Vanessa’s Horsey companion showed up after the church service. Vanessa was so excited to see him. As was I to be fair. Nigel not so much haha. We had a quick 5 minutes to get some pictures with him before we made our way over to the Grange Hotel for the Wedding Reception.

Church Ceremonies

Vanessa and Nigel’s Wedding Service was in Bolton le Sands not far from Lancaster in the Holy Trinity Church. I’ve photographed weddings in lots of churches and each one is completely different. From the lighting to the way Vicars/Priests allow you to photograph. I always tell my couples to have a good chat with who ever is conducting their ceremony. As some don’t like photographers being their at all where as others are fine and want you to be able to move around to get the best shots.

A Good Idea

It’s always a good idea to chat with them before hand as if you’ve got ideas of having photographs of you and your dad walking down the aisle and through out your service only to find out on the day that I’ve been told I have to stand at the back and not move. Obviously that may be up setting for you but if you know before hand its something for you to take into account.

My Approach

I’m always conscious of moving around during ceremonies anyway. I don’t want people watching me move about when they should be concentrating on you two. I also do not want to distract you from a very important service. At the same time however I always position my self, if I’m allowed to in an area which will allow me to move with our distracting. I will only move during hymns etc. Most Vicars are happy with this and let me do my thing. Vanessa and Nigel’s vicar just didn’t want me near the front during the service. But she allowed me to photograph them walking down the aisle. Just another little something for you to think about.


Suppliers involved with this super beautiful wedding

Dress – The Bridal Collection Lancaster 

Flowers – Time for Flowers 

Venue Dresser – Poppins Parties and Events

Wedding Photographer – Samantha Broadley Photography 

Venue – Grange Hotel