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Ashton Memorial Wedding Photography 

So you’re looking for a Wow Factor Wedding Venue. I know the perfect spot. Lancaster’s Iconic Ashton Memorial in the center of Williamson’s Park in Lancaster. You definitely won’t go wrong with any Ashton Memorial Weddings. The Memorial was commissioned by Lord Ashton as a tribute to his late wife to show how much he loved her. I mean thats some surprise. The Ashton Memorial has been associated with love and romance ever since and is now part of a lot of love stories.

As you walk through Williamson’s park you’re met with peaceful tranquility, the gorgeous gardens, the beautiful duck pond, and then wow you set eyes on Ashton Memorial.

Photographing Weddings at Ashton Memorial 

I always get that little bit more excited when I am photographing a wedding at Ashton Memorial in Lancaster. It’s a place close to my heart, as it is for a lot of my lovely couples. It is so nice to see people appreciating its beauty.

I often walk my dog in Williamson’s park and so know every corner of the surrounding grounds of the memorial. I love to take my couples off for a few shots in places you wouldn’t of thought. From the awesomeness of the architecture of Ashton memorial.  The lovely colourful gardens. The woods of Fenham car, it has it all. Another bonus they also allow dogs, it doesn’t get much better than that.

I’m lucky enough to photograph at the Memorial regularly. Infact this year I have my first Wedding reception here aswell. So now not only can you have your ceremony here you can stay all the way through to the dancing. Whether you’re planning a romantic intimate wedding with just a few friends or a full blown wedding with dancing and all you can’t go wrong with a wedding at Ashton Memorial.


Ashton Memorial Wedding Ashton memorial wedding_0001

Would you like to see more Ashton Memorial Weddings

As you can see I’ve photographed a fair few weddings at Ashton Memorial and I’d love to photograph more. If you’re thinking of booking the Memorial then have a look at Rachel and Tom’s wedding that I photographed in the Summer of 2023 or Lucy and Phil’s Wedding . This was one of my favourites. it will give you a good idea of what to expect from em as your photographer. Or if you’d like to see a full gallery from Ashton Memorial get in touch.

Ashton memorial from a far