Could I be the right Wedding Photographer for you

Samantha Broadley Photography

Thinking of booking me as your Wedding Photographer

I thought I’d write a little post to tell you why you might choose to book me as your Wedding Photographer. I mean lets face it I’ve got a bit more time on my hands than normal at the moment with being in Lockdown again and hopefully for the last time. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to say Hi and tell you a bit more about me.

I’m not keen on having my photograph taken

I’m guessing like lots of you I’m not that keen on having my photograph taken but I love the memories that each photograph I have brings. I hate that my nose screws up when I laugh and that I have to think about pulling my belly in for certain angles. But hey my screwed up nose means laughter, happiness, joy and my wobbly belly has come to be apart of me from having three great children so why hide it. Remember what you see as floors might be a reason why your close ones love you. So my first tip is don’t analyse every picture let it remind you of what you were doing at that exact time, the emotions you were feeling. That’s what a photograph is all about.

bride and groom laughing

I Take Real Pictures

Yes I have this is in mind with every photograph I take. I don’t take pictures that are going to be Instagram selfie worthy I take pictures that are real, that show closeness, joy, sadness. The real life not the photoshop filtered version of your self. Don’t get me wrong I realise this might put a lot of people off but for me this is one of the most important aspects when booking your wedding photographer.

Father of the bride shakes Grooms hand


Do you want to spend ages standing perfectly, angling your chin one way holding your arm another way etc. If so then I’m not the photographer for you. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to take pictures that aren’t flattering but I will be the one thats moving around to get the right angle while you’re just naturally enjoying your time with your partner, family, friends. Meaning you get to spend the most amount of time possible with the people you really want too.

I do suggest having some time with you the newly weds just the three of us. Two sessions, each about 15 mins one after your ceremony before your wedding breakfast if you’re having one and then another session later before your evening guests arrive. We’ll go off for a walk. I just ask you to hold hands get close and then the rest is up to you. Chat, Laugh, maybe even cry. This time and these pictures are all about you as a couple.

stanley house wedding couple

Apart from any group pictures you’d like this is the only time you’ll really notice me there as your wedding photographer the rest of the time I’ll try my best to blend in as one of your guests sneaking around capturing all those REAL moments.

jumping over limbo stick

You’re still here must mean you want to know more …….

Who am I?

Now that’s what I do on your day but who am I? Will I fit in with your personalities. Believe it or not it is actually really important that you get  along with your Wedding photographer. Infact it’s even better if you have lots in common, we’ll instantly become friends which definitely leads to more natural photographs. I love that I get on with my couples, in fact I’m still in regular contact with a lot of my couples. I’ve even had the pleasure of photographing them again at key moments in their lives. Which is surely a really good sign that I build up great relationships with my couples. In fact one of my brides Beth a midwife came out of her way to come and see me while I was in hospital with my newest son Ellis. Which was super nice of you, Thanks Beth.

So here I am in a nutshell

I have a degree in Interior Design from Salford University. I love all things design, interior and exterior. We’ve recently moved, so we’re doing up our house. My Husband’s a designer as well so it’s not so straight forward. We have conflicting opinions a lot of the time, thats the good thing about design there’s no right and wrong answer. Although because he still works in the industry he thinks he knows best but I end up winning most of the time hahaha. you can follow our house renovation on instagram @sbhouse_to_a_home

I met my husband at Uni in 2004, we lived in Castlefield Manchester for 12 years. We love everything Manchester. In fact we married in 2013 in the Awesome Manchester Town Hall.  We moved back to my home town Lancaster in 2015. The first thing we did before knocking our house around was to purchase my gorgeous Pup The Duke. I’m a wee bit obsessed with dogs, in fact I love all animals but especially Dogs and Horses, unfortunately I am not able to have my own horse but I love an excuse to spend time around them, so if you have one and want a shoot give me a shout or even better if you’re having your horse or dog for that matter at your wedding thats even better.

The Duke 

Anyway Duke is a Hungarian Vizsla and was my first baby, he’ll be 6 in April and everyone still thinks he’s a puppy, he’s never lost that goofy puppy run, if you know you know. hahah. He Loves a good chat aswell.

Like previously mentioned we moved house at the end of 2020 we needed the extra space now we have three kids under 5. Yes we love the chaos haha or thats what I tell my self. We have Connie, George and most recently Ellis who has completed our family. I like to think I’ve always been ok around children but now I am even more so, it’s not like I have much choice now hah. So having kids at your wedding or for a family photoshoot, hopefully we’ll get a long.

A Holiday yes please

We love to travel. We’ve been lucky and visited lots of different countries. We worked in Sydney for 6 months and travelled for 10 months I still think we only got back a few years ago hahah, it was 11 years ago now.  We still like to travel as a family but we tend to stay in the same place for the majority of the holiday now, hard work with young children in tow, you need a holiday to get over it haha. So like for many of us  2020 meant our plans of getting away as much as we could before our little girl started school totally went tits up. I can’t wait to get on a plane and sit on a nice beach cold beer in hand ……..

Anyway…… Day dreaming now.

So if you love design, animals, holidays and a good laugh I’m sure we’ll have a blast on your wedding day.

Get in touch, I can’t wait to hear your plans for the best day ever.

This George on our last holiday in 2019, gosh it feels like a life time ago……. Here’s hoping for 2021