The Griffin Inn Swithland Wedding

Well what can I say about Laura & Adam’s Wedding………………. It was quite simply Awesome.

They had it all from amazing bridal preparations at Mewies & Indy hair Salon, a specially prepared dressing room at Laura’s parents house, beautiful flower girls and Jesse who was an excellent Page Boy, Laura who made the most perfect Bride, Adam didn’t scrub up too bad either 🙂 an amazing magician Magic Amit, one of the best best mans speeches I’ve ever heard, where everyone got involved, and even a surprise choir that Adam had arranged for Laura. A big Thank you goes to The Griffin Inn Swithland for being great and very welcoming hosts,  Everyone  had a brilliant time every where you turned people were laughing and smiling, A great day was had by all, Congratulations Once again Mr & Mrs Gisborne.

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