The Ashes Barn Wedding

Ash & Ash’s Wedding at The Ashes Barn Wedding Venue

This was my first wedding at The Ashes Barn Wedding Venue. I was looking forward to it so much and let me tell you it did not disappoint. Ok so it was my first wedding here but it was also our friends wedding. You may even spot a photograph of my husband in there, as he was the best man.

Feeling the Pressure

There is always lots of pressure when you photograph a wedding but when its your friends I feel that pressure goes through the roof! Although it was a bonus having Ben my husband as best man. He knew exactly what I needed him to do, with the organisation of the group shots. I always have a wedding party member help me organise the group shots it goes so much faster. Then everyone can get back to bar faster.

All the Ash’s

So The Ashes Barn Wedding Venue is beautiful and really suited the bride and grooms taste. O and lets not forget the Bride and Groom are called Ash so it suited them even more!! Ash and Ash now live in Abu Dhabi so the wedding was even more special with all the guests excited to see them after months of missing them.

The Ashes Barn wedding venue had such a lovely relaxed atmosphere. The fact that the bridal preparation room was just across from the ceremony room meant there was no rushing around in the morning either, for the girls anyway. All the girls got ready together in the morning including the four gorgeous Flowers girls in their lovely navy blue dresses.

We got a Golden Hour

We were so lucky with the weather too. It was sunny which meant we got to enjoy the grounds of The Ashes Barn Wedding venue. We even got the added bonus of Golden hour. Golden hour is that special peaceful time of the evening, when the suns starting to set. Everyone things I’m mental when I get so excited about golden hour as Ash and Ash did, but I’m sure they understand why now. Their photographs are beautiful even if I do say so my self. Have a look see what you think.