Thurnham Hall Wedding

Thurnham Hall Wedding
Haighton Manor_1209

Weddings like these just constantly put a smile on my face. I was lucky enough to photograph the lovely couple that is Jack and Charlene, their wedding took place at the beautiful Ashton Memorial in Lancaster, followed by the reception at the lovely Thurnham Hall.

The weather on the day ………. well lets say it wasn’t the best, it poured it down during the ceremony and afterwards but Jack and Charlene didn’t let it damned their day infact they fully embraced it, they must of had serious face ache the next day, I’ve never seen a couple smile and laugh so much. Congratulations once again guys, I loved every second of your day even the rain 🙂

Here’s a few of my favourites ……

Haighton Manor_1210 Haighton Manor_1211 Haighton Manor_1212 Haighton Manor_1213 Haighton Manor_1214 Haighton Manor_1215 Haighton Manor_1216 Haighton Manor_1217 Haighton Manor_1218 Haighton Manor_1219 Haighton Manor_1220 Haighton Manor_1221 Haighton Manor_1222 Haighton Manor_1223 Haighton Manor_1224 Haighton Manor_1225 Haighton Manor_1226 Haighton Manor_1227 Haighton Manor_1228 Haighton Manor_1229 Haighton Manor_1230 Haighton Manor_1231 Haighton Manor_1232 Haighton Manor_1233 Haighton Manor_1234 Haighton Manor_1235 Haighton Manor_1236 Haighton Manor_1237 Haighton Manor_1238 Haighton Manor_1239 Haighton Manor_1240 ashton memorial2 Haighton Manor_1242 Haighton Manor_1243 Haighton Manor_1244 Haighton Manor_1245 Haighton Manor_1246 Haighton Manor_1247 Haighton Manor_1248 Haighton Manor_1249 Haighton Manor_1250 Haighton Manor_1251 Haighton Manor_1252 Haighton Manor_1253 Haighton Manor_1254 Haighton Manor_1255 Haighton Manor_1256 Haighton Manor_1257 Haighton Manor_1259 Haighton Manor_1258 Haighton Manor_1260 Haighton Manor_1261 Haighton Manor_1262 Haighton Manor_1263 Haighton Manor_1264