Victoria Warehouse Wedding

What you will get from this venue…. It oozes cool, industrial chic, with an awesome party atmosphere.

Victoria Warehouse Wedding Photography

Victoria Warehouse is such a unique atmospheric wedding venue. It’s definitely a venue your wedding guests will remember. One of the largest music venues in Manchester Old Trafford. Before becoming an iconic Music venue it was of course used as a warehouse hence the name.

The large presence of this building leads to awesome photographs. Externally the red brick dominates this 1920’s industrial building. These Red Bricks look awesome against the white of your wedding dress.

 Choose your own atmosphere 

The small windows could be seen as a photographers nightmare meaning very little light inside, but they also mean the atmosphere is what you make it inside. Thinking clever with lighting really makes the atmosphere inside Victoria Warehouse. It’s probably one of the darkest ceremony venue rooms I’ve ever photographed in. Now I don’t use flash during a ceremony as I feel this disturbs the ceremony too much and actually some registrars won’t let you use one anyway.

 Get the lighting right 

So when choosing this venue please be sure you’re happy with your photographs having grain in them as your wedding photographer will have to whack that ISO right up and the Fstop right down, to bring in as much available light to their camera as possible. You can also help this by designing your ceremony layout. Use lights within your decor, fairy lights, festoon lighting, coloured up-lighters. Everyone loves the idea of candle lit ceremony but please be prepared for your photographs to be just as dark. There’s no point booking Victoria Warehouse if you love those light airy wedding photographs.


The exterior of Victoria Warehouse Wedding VenueExterior of Manchester's Victoria Warehouse

Just outside of Victoria Warehouse a short walk down the road, theres a little stair way down to the canal. Photographs making your way down to the canal are always a favourite. The grafitti along the canal path that some see as an eye sore, I see as Colour. Big, bold, bright and colour. This makes an awesome backdrop for Bride and Groom Portraits. While keeping that Urban link back to Victoria Warehouse.


In summary Victoria Warehouse could be a photographers nightmare because of the lack of light but this is where you choose the right wedding photographer for the venue. Don’t book someone that hates using flash and purely uses natural light. Don’t book someone that loves to create pretty airy images as they might struggle here. Book a wedding Photographer that loves Manchester and its heritage. Book someone that loves a challenge. Book someone that knows the venue. Book someone that loves a good party. I’m pretty sure I hit all those points hahah. Basically book me to be your Victoria Warehouse wedding photographer I love this venue, pretty please!!

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